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posted on:

January 11, 2024

Financial and Management Assistant/Chaos Coordinator

About Enersee

Enersee is growing rapidly. We’ve raised €1.2 million in capital in June 2023, and we’re looking to scale up right now. We want more hospitals, offices, industry, … to become more energy efficient. But in order to realize our dream, our purpose, we need a Financial/administrative employee to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We (Maarten & Joachim), the founders of the company, are working very hard on our product and the growth of our company. This means that certain things are not on the top of our mind. That is why we are looking for our right hand to create structure in our start-up environment.

Could you be the key player we are looking for?

What’s the job?

Your job responsibilities include administrative tasks, managing internal finances, collaborating with all team members, as well as organizational responsibilities such as arranging team events. Specific tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing internal finances: processing invoices, overseeing incoming and outgoing payments, and other related activities.
  • Tracking and scheduling appointments for the founders.
  • Organizing team events and coordinating participation in fairs.
  • Conducting communication with various stakeholders.

It's important to note that you will be joining a startup environment. Your role will always be evolving in line with your capabilities, and in the future, they will continue to expand.

What’s your profile?

We are looking for someone with initial work experience, eager to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Key criteria include:

  • Strong communication skills are a must. You excel in written and verbal English communication, and you speak Dutch or French.
  • You are located in Belgium.
  • Education or experience in logistics, administration, finance or a related field, equipping you with the necessary skill set for this position.
  • A passion for instilling order in chaos, consistently demonstrating an organized approach.
  • You are willing to take on various tasks, reflecting an interest in various fields and a commitment to personal growth and learning.

We are in search of an individual who is ready to collaborate closely with the entire team, including the founders. Your ability to bring structure to our organization will significantly contribute to enhanced overall productivity.

What will you get in return

The material stuff:

  • A market-conform base salary.
  • Fringe benefits (we’re in Belgium after all 😅) such as: - Meal vouchers worth 8 euros a day - Eco vouchers worth 250 euros a year - a mobility budget - Hospitalization insurance for you (free) and your family members (discount) - 13th month & double vacation pay - A laptop and a mobile phone - We pay for your mobile phone service (30 euros a month) and help with your internet costs (30 euros a month) - …
  • If you’ve been in the company for a year, we can also offer shares of the company to you at a discounted price ‍

We all have sustainable Enersee merch. Little stuff that feels comfy or is fun to use and also sustainable, the little extras…

The non-material stuff:

  • You can work remotely or in the office however you prefer; it’s up to you and your work-life balance. We want to have an active bond, so it’s all about finding and making enough time to be a team.
  • We love to celebrate milestones. The day we raised the capital, we all went to an amazing restaurant with the team and +1s. New milestones, new celebrations (open for suggestions 😉)
  • Training is important too. We deliberately plan time to have field experts help us push our skills. It’s the first thing to be postponed if we don't plan it. So we’ll ensure you get enough time to invest in that.
  • Once a week, we have a “Friday Wins” session to celebrate our weekly achievements. Lunch and drinks are on us while putting the accomplishments of our team members in the spotlight. (and for the people that want to: we head into town afterward).


Financial and Management Assistant/Chaos Coordinator


Part Time

Apply now

application process

What’s our application process like?

We believe a transparent and customized application process is super important, especially for our small startup. We want to get you to know the founders and the team deeper, so we can ensure we're all on the same page and share the same values. We must find candidates that are a great fit for our company culture. Does that sound good to you?

Step #1 - First screening

We screen your application and get back to you in three days or less. Either we don’t see the fit and we’ll let you know why not, or you move on to the next step.

Step #2 - Phone call

Either Joachim or Maarten will schedule a short call with you to get to know you already a bit. Who you are, what made you apply. But at the same time, explain what Enersee is about, what the job entails and maybe tackle any first questions you might have about working for us.

Step #3 - Video call/meeting in person

You had a call with one of us, now it’s time for a joint interview so both us know who our new colleague might be, and you get to see who is behind Enersee.
We’re a small team so we feel it’s important there’s a good vibe on both ends.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask away, we’re an open book.

Step #4 - Case/test study

Because we’re looking for someone to level up our sales strategies and impact, the fourth step will be a small case to show us how you’d approach one of our business problems. This gives us some insight into how your mind works and what’s possible in terms of sales that we haven’t even thought of. You’ll get a briefing at the end of step 3 and have a week to come up with the output and present it to us in 15’’...

Step #5 - Time for an offer

You’ve made it this far, we’ve gotten a good taste of who you are as a person and what your current skills are. Hopefully you feel you already know us a bit. If we both like each other, then it’s time to make it official by giving you a formal contract offer.

Step #6 - Offer signed, let’s plan your onboarding

We got the agreements signed? Great, then we’ll plan your onboarding. You can send us your shoe size so we can get the Enersee merch* ready on your first day. And we’ll celebrate the start of a fruitful partnership with our whole team on your first day. We’re looking forward to it!

*If you promise to wear it :D. Our merch is sustainably produced and meant to last.


Apply now as a

Financial and Management Assistant/Chaos Coordinator

Fill in the form on the right and either Joachim or Maarten will be in touch to let you know if you made it to the next round. We will definitely let you know whether you move to the next step in 3 days or less. We don’t want to keep you waiting, of course.

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Portret of the Co-Founder of Enersee, Joachim Vleminckx

Joachim Vleminckx

Co-Founder Enersee

Want to learn more about this position? Please get in touch with Joachim