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Reduce energy waste
Reduce carbon footprint
Conserve water

Why waste energy.

Enersee is the game-changing (AI) software that eliminates energy and water waste across your buildings and facilities.

How it works
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Why Waste Energy

Here’s the thing, you can wrestle with tons of data and tools to make your 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s of buildings more energy-efficient. Tools that will bombard you with trivial alerts and don’t say squat about what is really wrong. Tools that keep you in the dark about whether you’re hitting your efficiency projects and emission targets on budget.

Or you could stop wasting energy and get Enersee.

The product

The product


Uncovers hidden issues in your energy data and highlights the most impactful cost and emission savings.

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Shows real-time ROI of your optimization projects, letting you see how much you're saving and if you're on track to reach your targets.

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Simulates scenarios and shows how to achieve GHG-emissions targets based on real-time operations data, on time and within budget.

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Collaborative efficiency and transparency

Achieving energy hyper-efficiency is a collaborative effort. Enersee fosters seamless teamwork by enabling transparent data sharing and presenting key insights in an easily digestible format. With everyone on the same page, your team can efficiently work towards energy goals and drive results together.

Experiencing Enersee

Enersee starts by connecting to your energy data through our connectors or API and applying our advanced AI algorithms*.

Next, we provide training to get you up and running quickly. From there, we reveal hidden issues, prioritize them for you, and simplify the process of addressing them.

Setup is fast—days, not months—and you’ll have a dedicated customer success manager to ensure ongoing results. We charge a flat fee and aim to earn your loyalty through exceptional service.

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Savings and potential savings

Without Enersee

*Our AI and Machine Learning algorithms have been tested and recognized by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO), the world’s only organization solely focused on the measurement and verification (M&V) of energy savings.

HVAC anomaly issue detection

Assign issues to responsible with comments and documentation

Impact on ROI for solved issues, and insights in untapped savings

Stop struggling to make your buildings more energy-efficient

Your 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s of buildings can be more energy-efficient in a few easy steps.  Let us run you through them.

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Loved by these energy champions worldwide

“Managing 140 properties is a huge task, but I see Enersee as my silver bullet. It handles the heavy lifting, acting as my virtual energy manager. The platform automates energy analysis, cuts down on my workload, and delivers valuable insights that help me enhance my skills.”

Alexander DAENEN
Head of Environment & Energy | Energy Manager ISO 50001

Seamless integrations with your data sources

Enersee connects effortlessly to your energy systems via our connectors or API. Our advanced AI then simplifies data analysis, revealing actionable insights and ensuring a smooth, transparent setup with quick training.

Energy. Drive. A must.

We don’t like waste. Waste of time, waste of energy, waste of water, waste of efficiency. Discover what drives us and find out more about the team behind Enersee.

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