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Last updated on: April 04, 2021

Cookie Policy

The National Commission for Data Protection (LU) follows Directive 2009/136/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. By using our Engage service you agreed on the use of cookies by signing up as a customer.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created by a website and stored in the user’s device while browsing that website. When you, as a user, later return to the website, those cookies are sent back from your device in order to communicate your preferences.

There are three kinds of cookies:

  1. Session cookies expire when you close your browser (or if you stay inactive for a certain time). They do not collect information about your device, but are used to link your actions during a browsing session.

  2. Persistent cookies are stored even when the browser is closed. They are used to remember your preferences and settings (such as login information or language).

  3. Third-party cookies are provided by third parties. They serve many different purposes. A common third party cookie is one by Google Analytics, which tracks how you interact with a website.

2. What is the purpose of these cookies?

Cookies help us to optimise your visits to our website, but most importantly, to offer an optimal user experience on the Eneos platform. After all, these cookies can remember your settings and preferences, so you don’t have to repeat the same actions every time you log in. Thanks to cookies we can offer you more relevant content and detect possible errors.

It is possible that certain cookies can be linked to you, as a user, but we guarantee that the use of cookies is completely safe. We have also carefully selected some partners to improve our web services and offer a great customer service. These third-parties will also make use of cookies during your browsing session. You will find a complete overview in the next article.

3. What type of cookies do we use?

Website: Third-party cookies

  1. _ga (Google Analytics)

  2. _ga_ENT13NWXE9(Google Analytics)

  3. G_ENABLED_IDPS (Google Analytics))

4. How to manage cookies?

We advise you to enable cookies when browsing our websites for a proper user experience.

However, if you want to change your browser and cookie settings, we will show you how:

  1. Google Chrome Settings (under the extra menu, next to the address bar) > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings… > Cookies

  2. Mozilla Firefox Preferences (under the extra menu, next to the address bar) > Privacy and Security > History

  3. Safari Safari (at the top of your screen) > Preferences > Privacy

  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge Tools (next to your tabs) > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings

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