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What is this mini-guide about?

Energy and facility management are more critical than ever. For the climate, for energy independence, and last but not least to keep cost and your ESG score under control. Not an easy task, considering the range of internal and external factors that are at play, plus the necessary deep data analytics, often at a large scale. Especially when dealing with a large number of assets.

Whether you are an experienced Energy Manager struggling to maintain control despite having all energy data centralised, a Facility Manager trying to keep a grip on all the operations and equipment, a Sustainability Manager aiming for a greener footprint, or a P&L Responsible (CEO, CFO, COO, Finance controller) looking to optimise costs, these tasks are not straightforward and often disconnected.

So, how can your organisation leverage the latest leaps in artificial intelligence and tap into efficient and predictive energy management reducing energy waste and its costs? Read on to discover. This small guide reveals what your EMS or energy data platform isn't sharing with you. ;)

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