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The founders of Enersee standing in a bridge next to each other
A futuristic building

Who or What is Enersee?

Energy management is vital for every big company's success and bottom line. Still, most don’t pay close enough attention to it because it is simply too untransparent and challenging today. Most other tech solutions out there merely show and report consumption data without any profound interpretation (data without deep expert-level interpretation = useless)

That’s where Enersee comes in

We use AI to empower our customers to reduce the waste of energy, water, and CO2 in our clients’ buildings and technical installations while saving significant amounts of person-hours as well (our current customers manage over 1500 buildings, and we are scaling our deployment within them as we speak). We make the planet a bit less wasteful; the companies save money. A win-win for everyone: us, the environment, and our clients.

Image of a building sky
Image of a building sky

How do we
do this?

We detect hidden patterns in your energy data, using tech we’ve written ourselves from scratch by the way (we’re pretty proud of that one). This allows us to visualize and optimize companies’ operations, maintenance, tracking structural investments, and more. It creates a level of transparency that they’ve never seen before. And that towards all levels in the organization. It’s what we want, to help our clients make informed operational and strategic decisions.

What are we
aiming for?

We dream of a hyper-efficient planet. This is why we shy away from consultancy and we developed our algorithms to scale extremely well. By the end of 2024, we want to have grown tenfold. So yeah, our approach gives us and everyone that joins us (we’re also looking to triple our team size) to quickly make a real impact on the planet. Every ton of CO2 emissions we can reduce by making companies use their energy more efficiently, we celebrate as a win.

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Culture at Enersee is all about acting

Your opinion is valued, and everyone is accountable for their impact on the global results.
This is reflected in how we evaluate and reward our team. If the company does well, you do well. But we’re in it together. How do we expect everyone to act at Enersee?


Ownership is key

We don’t time sheet. You get the freedom to determine how much you work and when. If you’ve got a doctor’s appointment during the day, take it, no problem. If you want to work out at 10 in the morning, be our guest. Outcome is what matters, not the hours needed. We simply expect you to respect the freedom we give by taking full responsibility and making sure you deliver what’s needed. If we all do that, we know we’re headed for success.


Our product preaches transparency. Our company culture has to do the same.

“Practise what you preach” is a well-used mantra. But it’s one we live by at Enersee. There’s no hiding behind blabla, but let’s actually try out new things, measure, improve, repeat! This means self-reflection: “What I did, was that the right choice?”, “What can I learn from this for next time?”. It means being open to each other, all of us.


We want to excel at innovation

We believe in the power of focus. By that logic, we feel that a small and capable team with one common vision, that takes ownership and executes, will be better at delivering real innovations. Because innovation is at the core of what we do. Our current technology is a huge innovation for the energy management in industries, in the public sector and all companies with huge energy spends. Getting even further ahead of the pack is what we want to focus on.


Balance isn’t easy but a necessity

We will not expect you to always work 60h/week. There might be times where we all need to push that little more. But rest assured, that’s time you can recoup afterwards. But we still work hard. There’s no doubt about it. However, we are not robots (that is our software’s job). Working hard only works if your work gives you energy and if it is balanced out by time for family, friends and a private life. Joachim, co-founder and recently a first-time dad, can definitely relate.


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